About our apps

  • Catalogue

    Visualizing databases with the opportunity of searching, filtering and working with a double-level category-system. Pictures, videos and sound can be attached to the data sheets. By clicking on the calendar entries, telephone numbers, email addresses, webpages, etc., you can activate the functional features of the mobile. On the sheets opening hours and starting times of events can be uploaded if necessary. This way the application can provide a list of open places nearby for the users, customers. Our system supports the usage of QR codes and the possibility os visualizing multilingual databases.

  • Map

    On the map feature we visualize the actual positions of users and intriguing places around them. You can reach the actual information sheet of each place by clicking on them. Many settings are included in connection with the map feature (sattelite-traditional-hibrid mode), and you can specify the particual categories that you would like to be visualized. Via the Augmented Reality module it is possible to visualize the places of interest around us through the mobile phone’s camera. By clicking on the appeared places we can easily aquire further information. Naturally a route planning module is also integrated.

  • News

    We inform our users and customers via SMS like messages about the latest news. The news is automatically conveyed from the specific news content providers after which via syncroising we deliver the contents for our users and customers.

  • Mobile web

    You can integrate any kind of webpages into the service: Facebook, Booking.com, Youtube, etc. These webpages are only accessible when the mobilephone is connected to the internet.

  • Interactive book

    We provide information on well-designed, interactive and animated interfaces. There is possibility of embeding multimedia content as well as integrating tasks and solutions.

  • Photo-based report of public places

    The user of the applicaton after providing the necessary information with only one click can take a photo of pot-holes, illegal garbage disposals, landfills or any kind of illegal activity or problem. The user even can attach a comment to the photo to the extent of a few words after which with only one click it can be easily sent to the servers.

  • Mobile parking

    The user - after providing the necessary information (licence plate number, vehicle category, parking zone) - via sending a text message (SMS) can start parking in certain parking zones. The map of the parking zones is accessible and available within the application.

  • Platforms

    iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windoes 10, Web