Editorial system

„Via Appsters” is an online content management system (CMS) for developing mobile applications and for visualizing, editing, updating text, multimedia and other contents within the application. With the help of it you can quickly and easily create personalized mobile applications.

„Via Appsters” offers several uniqe features/services. Our customers can get additional options (depending on particular devices and operating systems) in addition to uploading and editing information, texts, pictures and videos: visualizing information linked to the geographical location, creating and editing various events, push-notification service, RSS reader, generating and printing QR codes, augmented reality.

The developers at Appsters Mobile Content Management Ltd. put great emphasis on developing systems, applications etc. that are compatible with all the widespread operating systems – Apple’s IOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. When the development of an application is completed we immediately upload it to the required online application stores. For users the application is accessible after the verification and approval of the manufacturer.

Irrespective of the extent of the company, industry or scope of activities the „Via Appsters” can be beneficial for anyone due to its flexibility for developing applications and managing contents. Anybody can use it who would like to pursue efficient, customer-friendly content managment and marketing activities.