Quality policy

Staff in Appsters have a close professional and business relationship with their cooperative partnerts and clients owing to the diverse activities of multimedia and mobile content development and management.

Our aim is to develop applications corresponding with reliable and comtemporary needs, to provide professional services and by these meet all requirements of our clients and users. Service for us means that in addition to relevant professional, legal and other (for example standards) requirements and of course those of our clients’ and users’ we try to meet latent needs as well which is the key to our company’s efficiency.

One of the major elements of Appsters’s strategy is Quality Policy and Management which assures the sound, high-standard performance expected from our staff.

We are well aware of the fact that increasing expectations and uniqe requirements can only be met by a continuously developing company. Our exceptional flexibility and open-minded attitude help us keep and expand our clientele.

To obtain our clients long-term contentment we continuously check and analyze their round requirements as well as market and professional trends. We constantly develop our applications and services for the purpose of attaining high quality.

  • We gurantee high professional standards by providing regular educational services
  • We without a doubt meet all our obligations
  • We continuously strenghter our commintment to quailty
  • We deliberately apply the latest quality management trends to our services

And for these purposes we operate a high-quality, effective and controlled quality management system that meets all the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 (EN ISO 9001:2008) standard which guarantees the satisfaction and trust of our clients thus promoting our company’s long-term operation.