It often happens that it is not possible for our partners to run the end system on their own server. In this case, Appsters provides reliable hosting services to help our partners handle their systems in terms of both infrastructure and operation. Our secure and fast servers are encrypted and adequately protected from all possible cyberattacks.



When the development work has been completed, we offer on-the-spot training programs, or we can organize training workshops in our Budapest main office. These training programs allow users to gain experience necessary to handle the new system without outside assistance. Our staff, of course, will remain available to help.



Besides the project specification and the attached visual design and functional model, additional documents are prepared that allow the client to take a global view of the processes. We also produce an official test document which details each detected and reported error on both sides. After closing the test phase we create a User Manual which contains a description of the website and user-friendly instructions with screenshots to handle the content management system.


testing and detection of errors

Comprehensive procedures of testing, error correction and quality assurance start after performing the development work. With the help of multiple testing we can eliminate the still existing discrepancies in the shortest possible time and minimalize the occurrence of errors.
In the first round of testing, we concentrate on detecting errors with respect to functionality, while we perform tests and corrections on design elements in the second round. The last round of testing is performed together with the client in test environment. The client – the end user – can comprehensively test the product, give feedback, inform the developers about problems of any kind and suggest alterations.



This phase is arranged in accordance with a previously agreed timetable. The project is divided into parts, and we follow steps from the bigger units to the smallest ones until we complete the development phase. We create different working environment for both our developers and partners to ensure the best tracking. Basically, the development activities take place in development environment. Meanwhile we provide test environment for our clients so that they can have an insight into the shaping project. In the test environment, all the already created functions of the system can be seen and any new elements can be added until we complete the project.
Based on the feedback in the testing phase and the approval of the client, the system
can be put out to real time environment.


tervezési fázis

A tervezési fázisban kerül kidolgozásra a projekt részletes terve. Ez már tartalmazza az Appsters és az ügyfél közös együttműködését a projekttel kapcsolatban, azaz mindkét fél igénye és tudása szerepel benne, az együttes koncepció megteremtése érdekében. Ahhoz, hogy a terv tükrözze mindkét fél elvárásait, folyamatos kapcsolattartás történik az ügyféllel, illetve előre egyeztetett időközönként a tervezés különböző szakaszai bemutatásra kerülnek. Csapatunk nyitott a további igények befogadására, megtervezésére és megvalósítására, ezért a tervezési szakaszban létrejött elemek és dokumentumok a fejlesztés korai szakaszáig bármikor módosíthatók és kiegészíthetők.


elaborate, demonstrate and refine

The team of Appsters intends to work out and demonstrate the best possible project proposal on the basis of a market analysis and the previously agreed terms. As our main goal is to fully satisfy the needs of our clients, when it comes to refining the project, we finalize the details via cooperating with our clients.


market research and demand survey

The first step we take is that we carry out a thorough market research in connection with the project in order to get a more comprehensive picture of now existing solutions and practices from both domestic and international markets. Although a market research is not crucial, it can play an important role in the process of development. After gaining information about a certain project, we start to survey the exact needs in cooperation with the client. We collect every angle of our client’s views and welcome everything relating to implementing a successful project. Then we get down to drawing up a detailed action plan.



In the context of a support contract the team of Appsters is always available to assist with respect to any matter relating to the product in the shortest possible time. Continuous support and availability can establish a long-term cooperation with our clients to maintain the projects.